AC repair cypress Texas

AC repair cypress Texas

AC repair cypress Texas can be expensive in summer months, when demand for AC services is high. One of the most common problems homeowners run into is that their air conditioner becomes frozen. Although an air conditioner is designed to produce cold air for your home, it is bad news when the unit itself is caked in ice. If your air conditioner freezes up, call us for ac repair cypress Texas. Better yet, if your AC seems just fine but you haven’t had maintenance done on your AC for over six months, give us a call for preventative maintenance. We can help you prevent the conditions that create a frozen AC.

Causes of a Frozen AC

Air conditioners freeze up and need ac repair cypress Texas for the following reasons, to name a few:

  • The system’s refrigeration system may not be operating properly. Low levels of refrigerant or refrigerant leaks can create pressure drops in the evaporator coil, and this allows moisture in the air to freeze and accumulate on the coil.
  • It is possible that there is insufficient air flow in your air conditioning system. If anything restricts air flow, the temperature of the evaporator coil will drop below freezing. In Texas, of course, we have humidity, which worsens the problem. Humidity in the air can collect on the coil and cause ice to build up and reduce the cooling capacity of the system. Air flow can be seriously impeded by:
    • Damaged blower motors
    • Undersized, obstructed, and collapsed air ducts
    • Dirty air filters
    • Build-up of dirt on the evaporator coil
  • The outdoor temperature can cause a frozen AC and the need for ac repair in cypress Texas. The majority of outdoor AC units do not function well if temperatures drop below 60°F. The air conditioning system can freeze up if nighttime temperatures are too low. The result will be that the system won’t operate properly.

What to Do if the AC Freezes

Your air conditioning system is not operating properly if there is a buildup of ice and frost on it. The first thing to look for, if you notice a decline in your system’s effectiveness, is ice build-up. The first thing to do once you discover that your system is frozen is to turn it off. The AC system needs to defrosted completely, and the cause of the problem must be addressed before restarting it.

Whatever your AC issue, contact us today for ac repair cypress Texas.  281-719-0722

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