AC repair shop

AC repair shop

AC repair shop
needed in the Houston, Texas, area? We provide all services needed to keep your air conditioner running, including in the heat waves of summer. If you would like to avoid the increased expense associated with air conditioning repairs, we recommend preventative maintenance. One of the best ways to be sure your air conditioner will be reliable on the hottest of days is keeping clean filters in the air conditioning system.

AC Filters

The ability of your air conditioning system to work effectively is directly affected by how well dirt and dust are kept out. If you continuously have dirty filters, you are much more likely to need the service of our experienced ac repair shop.

Not only can clean filters keep your AC from ultimately breaking down, they help you save money, since the AC runs more efficiently. Clean AC filters also provide a cleaner living environment because they improve the air quality in your home.

At least four times per year, either replace your AC filters or clean them, if they are reusable. During high-usage months, it may be necessary to change your air conditioner filter monthly, to help avoid the expense of visits to the ac repair shop.

The following are some of the most common types of AC filters available:

  • Washable electrostatic filters attract dirt, dust, and other matter with a static charge. These types of filters are considered a bit more effective than disposable fiberglass filters, but they are not effective at blocking smaller particles.
  • Disposable fiberglass filters cost less than other options. And as is usually true when you pay less for a product, you get what you pay for. These types of filters are considered the least effective because they are designed only to block large dust particles. Smaller particles, such as mold and pollen, easily pass through the filters.
  • Electronic air cleaners are highly effective. The ionized electrical field the cleaners create magnetize pollutant particles. Virtually all mold spores and pollen are eliminated from the air. In addition, up to 80% of airborne viruses and 94% of smaller particles are eliminated.
  • Pleated allergy filters are made with dense mesh material and effectively trap and eliminate large allergens, including mold and pollen, with up to 50% efficiency.

Every ac repair shop in Texas is at the height of business in summertime. The best time to address maintenance issues is prior to summer, to avoid the need for an emergency visit to the ac repair shop when temperatures are extreme.

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